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Propose. Negotiate. Execute. Track.

Building Consensus One Agreement at a Time

Working Together

Welcome to Consensual.

Our mission is to bring clarity to human relationships by helping people to avoid the gray zone of unspoken, miscommunicated, or overly complicated agreements. We provide a tool for people to initiate proposals and collaboratively edit the terms of agreement, to follow through and follow up.

A social platform for creating, negotiating, and tracking agreements

We believe good agreements are conscious, unambiguous, and affirmative.


Every aspect of your agreement, including the full text, every comment, and the history of changes, is accessible by all parties. And you can include mediators and witnesses.

Consensual is your single point to access all of your agreements with the world.



At every stage and after every change, we know exactly where the parties stand. Clear statuses and a system of smart notifications promote the achievement of consensus.



When you're satisfied with your agreement, simply click yes. If you need to sleep on it, click maybe. If you're really not down, just click no. Your position is unequivocal.


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